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Toaster Waffles (5x 8-packs)

Toaster Waffles (5x 8-packs)

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Enjoy (5) 8-pack boxes of our world-class toaster waffles delivered to your door!

Choose from three delicious flavors, or the variety pack, which includes the following flavors and quantities:

  • (2) Vanilla Cinnamon
  • (2) Blueberry
  • (1) Cocoa Chip

These waffles are freshly made by hand and delivered free via the fastest 3-day-or-less service from UPS to many shipping zones! As weather warms we limit our shipping to zones to addresses 3 days or fewer from Bozeman.

All waffles are shipped in eco-friendly and compostable insulated shipping boxes, made from plants and recycled materials. 

We recommend unboxing your Unwaffle immediately and refrigerating for up to three weeks or freeze for up to nine months for optimal freshness.

We are working on a bundle where you can select your own variants. Please stay tuned for that update soon!

About Our Waffles
Unwaffle Toaster Waffles unite health and convenience for those seeking an amazingly delicious, quick, clean and nourishing breakfast, all free from dairy, gluten and many food allergens.

  • 14g Clean Protein Per Serving
  • Top-14 Allergen Friendly 
  • Gluten-free (made in a dedicated gluten-free facility)
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, made with organic ingredients
  • Premium avocado oil, no seed oils 
  • Our list of superfood ingredients includes: high-protein Montana-grown oats, high-protein Montana-grown lentils, high-protein hemp flour, golden flax, and chia seeds. 
  • We cold mill our whole food ingredients, removing nothing to keep all nutrition present and optimize bioavailability.

Click Here for nutritional information and ingredients for all of our products!

8 Waffles | Net. Wt. 14.7 oz. (416g)  |  4 Servings 

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