The best tasting,

best for you waffles

on earth.

A gluten-free, plant-based, protein-packed breakfast loved by top performers, discerning parents, and picky eaters.


Allergen Free

All of our foods are prepared in our dedicated gluten-free and top 14 allergen-free facility right here in Bozeman, Montana 


In order to promote wellness for humans and the planet, we hand-make our products with clean and sustainable whole food ingredients, naturally vegan

Great Nutrition

Unwaffle boasts 12g or more of clean protein from natural whole foods (no isolates) per serving and is an excellent source of Omega 3 and Fiber!

Organic & Non-GMO

We only trust the cleanest foods in our home, and we know you expect nothing less.

What our amazing customers have to say...

The Unwaffle mix has become a staple in our household. I love the convenience of the mix, how DELICIOUS it is and all the health benefits that come along with it.

Our three kids are huge fans, we eat them at breakfast lunch or dinner and always feel satisfied. Check it out, you’ll be happy you did!!

Meg & Jack

We have recently been GF/DF/EGG Free and these have been a breakfast saver! I have made them from scratch in the past to accommodate our new dietary needs. Now I don’t have to! This mix is easy and so delish! Highly recommend!


We’ve been making gluten/dairy-free waffles and pancakes on weekend mornings from scratch for a few years. This mix was such a huge timesaver, and the waffles were delicious.

Our whole family loved them. Clean, healthy ingredients. Plus a great protein source. Looking forward to making a huge batch to freeze for breakfast on the go!



superfood toaster waffles

Unrivaled nutrition meets amazing convenience, available in three delicious flavors! Pre-order on Kickstarter and help us bring this amazing product to more breakfast tables around the world!

$11.99 (6-pack)

From The Founders

With dietary preferences and food allergies in our family, we feel the pain of trying to find a fast, healthy, and tasty meal to suit everyone's needs.

We lovingly crafted this recipe to help you pacify your hectic mornings, and have fun cooking a delicious and nutritious breakfast together, like we do in our kitchen.

Erik and Mollie Walnum

Founders, Chefs, and Parents of Three


Our Favorite Recipes

Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Turn your Unwaffle homestyle mix into a rich and chocolatey treat that's as perfect for dessert as it is on a lazy Sunday morning.

Lemon Poppyseed

Turn your waffle into a muffin with this simple addition to your homestyle mix. Add turmeric for a fun, bright yellow color that kids love!

Everything Bagel

Feeling savory? This recipe turns your waffle mix into the perfect base for avocado, creamy cheese spread, or your other favorite savory toppings.



homestyle waffle & pancake mix

Our kitchen-crafted blend of potent superfoods that will fuel you up and keep you going for hours!

$9.99 (makes 14 waffles)